Q: If we held a meeting with 100 participants, would it be $30 per attendee?
A: Yes

Q: Do you have a timeline for the mental health campaign?
A: We do not have information on the mental health campaign at this time. When the state provides more information, we will make sure to pass along!

Q: Is the timeline the same for every county?
A: Yes, the overall timeline is the same!

Q: Will awardees get packets/handouts and/or verbiage to hand out and provide?
A: Materials for distribution can be accessed on our Toolkit page.

Q: Would the printed resources be shipped to grantees as well?
A: VCCF can help to bulk order printed materials, or all printing costs can be included to be reimbursed. Shipping can be directed to the grantees!

Q: Will sub-grantees have access to CORD?
A: Yes, sub-grantees will have access to CORD.

Q: Is the government looking for a number of confirmed individuals who were reached or seek names/contact info/etc.?
A: The OCPSC does not need the contact info of the engagements. VCCF will offer a more extensive training on CORD once sub-grantees are selected.