Save Our Water

Extreme Climate Swings

After a historic multi-year drought, California experienced some relief due to record setting precipitation in 2023 and this last year’s average rain conditions.

However, California’s climate swings are becoming more unpredictable and extreme.

CA Water Plan

Supporting our California Water Plan:
Research shows hotter and drier weather conditions could diminish our state’s water supply by up to 10% by 2040.

This new climate reality reminds us to make daily lifestyle changes and adopt a new mindset for conserving water in preparation for hotter, drier days ahead.

The Office has partnered with the Department of Water Resources to create a campaign that resonates with all Californians across the state.

Campaign Objectives


  • Encourage Californians to make water conservation a way of life year-round.
  • Educate on the importance of saving water.


  • Educate Californians on yard transformation as a beautiful, scalable way to conserve the most water.
  • Connect to local resources and rebates.