Extreme Heat

What is Extreme Heat?

Extreme Heat events are two or more days AND nights of unusually high heat for your region. Heat waves are expected to become more common, more severe and longer-lasting.

Who is Most at Risk?

Extreme heat is dangerous and can be deadly. Those most at risk include:

  • young children
  • older adults
  • pregnant individuals
  • people with chronic health conditions
  • people with disabilities
  • workers without access to A/C
  • people experiencing homelessness

Extreme heat kills more people directly than any other climate-related hazard. In California, high temperatures are projected to result in up to 11,300 excess deaths by 2050.

Heat Impacts are Not Felt Equally

  • There are disproportionate consequences for Californians facing inequities
    • Lower economic households, the medically vulnerable, those who work outdoors and others.
  • Extreme heat most often affects the most vulnerable, but even healthy young people can be in danger.
  • You can be physically healthy and within 60 minutes be in trouble because your body produces heat rapidly, has not acclimated to the high temperatures, and your internal core temperature rises.

Heat Ready CA Objectives & Goals

Objective: Build an umbrella message to support awareness and prepare communities for extreme heat

Secondary: Ability to quickly support at-risk communities during anticipated extreme heat events

Goals: Keep all Californians safer from extreme heat by:

  1. Educating Californians about the dangers of extreme heat
  2. Preparing Californians for extreme heat events
  3. Providing actionable steps to stay safer during extreme heat events